Everlasting Care Package

We truly believe that your purchase is just the start of our relationship together. With every new diamond ring purchased, the everlasting care package, exclusive to Jeffries, includes the following:

Insurance valuation

A detailed description with the details of your new ring and the insurance price. This is essential should you lose your ring as everything can be easily valued and replaced.

Complimentary valuation update

As of January 2019, we also include an  annual complimentary valuation. Simply pop in store or send us your  your existing valuation and we will update it and re-print the new version so you can be confident it is insured for the correct amount.

Complimentary Clean and polish

Wearing anything on a regular basis requires a clean to keep it looking its best. We offer this complimentary for any items purchased from us. We offer two options. Firstly is the diamond clean which is done in house and takes approximately 30 minutes which is perfect if you have a busy day ahead. Secondly is our full clean and polish service, which goes to our workshop and takes approximately 1 week-10 days, this includes a full band polish which really brings up the shine on your ring, as well as a full diamond clean in our ultrasonic cleaner.

Complimentary sizing

We also include 1 complimentary sizing on our new diamond rings if required within 90 days of purchase. We professionally measure your finger with the correct gauge before having it sized by our Hatton garden goldsmith.

2 Year warranty

Our comprehensive warranty covers a range of different scenarios so you have the peace of mind that, on the rare occasion something does go wrong, we will have a solution, even offering a special repair price on items purchased from us that have been subject to damage. To obtain the extended two year warranty, simply register your item using the warranty form on our website.